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: The Bernedoodle is a cross breed of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. It continues to be a rare breed, but, like the Goldendoodle, the Bernedoodle is becoming more popular as a family pet as people find out about it.

The Bernedoodle are generally known to be good around children, therefore the Bernedoodle will be a great addition to have around your family. Although each dog will be unique, temperament can also help dictate each dog breeds' general disposition. The Bernedoodle would be a good fit for owners looking for dogs who are cheerful, intelligent, responsive, and social.

Maintainence: Dogs can be a huge responsibility depending on the frequency of the dogís grooming and/or shedding needs. It is important to be mindful of how much time you want to spend cleaning up the hair or fur that your dog sheds, as well as providing the appropriate amount of hair brushing, haircuts, bathing, trimming, and ear care. The Bernedoodle requires average shedding and moderate grooming.

The Bernedoodle has an average height of 18.75 inches, which is below average compared to all other dog breeds. Therefore, the Bernedoodle is ideal for owners who live in smaller homes (e.g. a city apartment). Smaller dogs, like the Bernedoodle, are also more travel friendly and do not require as much food as bigger dogs.

The Bernedoodle has an average lifespan of 11 years, which is below average compared to all other dog breeds. Therefore, the Bernedoodle is ideal for people looking for a shorter-term financial and emotional commitment in a canine companion.

Source: dog-breeds.findthebest.com
May 2014
We wanted to send you an update on our beautiful boy, (Alden) Ralph. He really is the most wonderful dog we could ever imagine. He has the sweetest temperament and loves everything and everybody. So far he has been a dream to train and everyone remarks how good he is. He is getting on very well with our older dog, Rosie and they are very playful together. He has brought so much joy to us all we want to thank you for doing such a great job! Thank you also for arranging his shipping to NJ, it all went so smoothly thanks to you. We will update you with pictures. The Album Family, NJ.
May 2014,
I can't tell you how wonderful our new puppy is. My boys have renamed her Annie. She is happy all of the time and loves our older dog. Everyone says how soft her coat is!  We can already tell that she is a smart girl.  Thank you for arranging the shipping to MS. It went perfectly. I wish my husband would let me get her brother or sister too! Thanks again, Judy Riddell
Hello to all in your beautiful family. Just an update on Arnold who is now Barley. He is so beautiful! Great personality. He is very funny. Everyone is just crazy about him. He looks like a stuffed Teddy Bear. He is doing well and growing like a weed. My daughter is in love!!! Me too. Thank you again for meeting us. I love April wish I could have her too. Thank you. The Fields Family. Ky

June 2014
Hi Loretta! I just wanted to send you one of my favorite pictures! We renamed him Luca and he is getting to learn his new name pretty quickly. Today we took him to a street market and I'm not exaggerating when I say we were stopped every two minutes by people asking what kind of dog he is and telling me he is the cutest thing they have ever seen! He is the most popular dog in Tampa by far! Thanks again for my sweet pup!

Hi Ed
There is NO shedding! He is really the most wonderful dog!


Update Jan 2015
Hi Loretta!!! He is great!!!! In his terrible twoís puppy stage and loves eating all of my socks! But you canít be mad at those eyes he has. I havenít weighed him in a little while but by now he is probably a little over 60 pounds. I canít hold him now on our scale so he is getting up there. He loves loves loves dogs and people. We go to the dog park every day and loves to run. Whenever we go on walks people yell out of their cars asking what type of dog he is. Iím so close to just making a shirt that says he is a bernedoodle because it is out of control!! Here are some pictures! He is quite photogenic :))
I donít have too many of just him, everyone wants a picture WITH him haha my family loves him almost as much as me.
Hope everything going well! I still visit your website often seeing if you have any litters coming up!
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