May 2014
We wanted to send you an update on our beautiful boy, Ralph. He really is the most wonderful dog we could ever imagine. He has the sweetest temperament and loves everything and everybody. So far he has been a dream to train and everyone remarks how good he is. He is getting on very well with our older dog, Rosie and they are very playful together. He has brought so much joy to us all we want to thank you for doing such a great job! Thank you also for arranging his shipping to NJ, it all went so smoothly thanks to you. We will update you with pictures. The Album Family, NJ.
May 2014,
I can't tell you how wonderful our new puppy is. My boys have renamed her Annie. She is happy all of the time and loves our older dog. Everyone says how soft her coat is!  We can already tell that she is a smart girl.  Thank you for arranging the shipping to MS. It went perfectly. I wish my husband would let me get her brother or sister too! Thanks again, Judy Riddell
June 2014
Hello to all in your beautiful family. Just an update on Arnold who is now Barley. He is so beautiful! Great personality. He is very funny. Everyone is just crazy about him. He looks like a stuffed Teddy Bear. He is doing well and growing like a weed. My daughter is in love!!! Me too. Thank you again for meeting us. I love April wish I could have her too.
Thank you. The Fields Family. Ky
June 2014
Hi Loretta! I just wanted to send you one of my favorite pictures! We renamed him Luca and he is getting to learn his new name pretty quickly. Today we took him to a street market and I'm not exaggerating when I say we were stopped every two minutes by people asking what kind of dog he is and telling me he is the cutest thing they have ever seen! He is the most popular dog in Tampa by far! Thanks again for my sweet pup!

Update Jan 2015
Hi Loretta!!! He is great!!!! In his terrible twoís puppy stage and loves eating all of my socks! But you canít be mad at those eyes he has. I havenít weighed him in a little while but by now he is probably a little over 60 pounds. I canít hold him now on our scale so he is getting up there. He loves loves loves dogs and people. We go to the dog park every day and loves to run. Whenever we go on walks people yell out of their cars asking what type of dog he is. Iím so close to just making a shirt that says he is a bernedoodle because it is out of control!! Here are some pictures! He is quite photogenic :))
I donít have too many of just him, everyone wants a picture WITH him haha my family loves him almost as much as me.
Hope everything going well! I still visit your website often seeing if you have any litters coming up!
ANGIE and PRINCE's Bernedoodle Puppies born 03-30-14
ANGIE and PRINCE's Bernedoodle Puppies born 03-30-14
ANGIE and PRINCE's Bernedoodle Puppies born 03-30-14
ANGIE and PRINCE's Bernedoodle Puppies born 03-30-14
Dam; Hashi

Hi Loretta! We absolutely love our bernedoodle. Anthony's new name is Tucker. He is very lively & loves to eat! He is house broken and already knows how to sit, shake, & lay down. We are so happy with our puppy. Thank you so much!!
Jennifer Reed, West Virginia

ANGIE and PRINCE's Bernedoodle Puppies born 03-30-14
ANGIE and PRINCE's Bernedoodle Puppies born 03-30-14
Annie is still so wonderful! 
Judy Riddell
Just wanted to send you an update on Lucy's sweet puppy, Piper!  At 11 weeks old, she is so sweet, lovable, and doing wonderful on the potty training!  She plays so well with our dog, Charlie, and he really enjoys her company! Piper is a dream come true for our daughter Lucy and I've never seen her more happy to have such a wonderful bundle of joy!  Lucy allows her sisters and brother to play with Piper and to help take care of her but when it comes to bedtime Piper knows she gets to crawl up in Lucy's bed to snuggle!  We can't thank you enough and will definitely be buying another from you in the future!
Missy and Lucy
We love our Duke.
Lily is doing great and we are just loving her
Hey thought you might like an updated photo of Lily,she is still so sweet stays,shakes,does well on the leash-just the best companion!! she is 40 lbs now super healthy and strong.Not growing to quickly but our bet is she will get much bigger. 
Some of Bolt's characteristics:
1. He is fearless! Not afraid of any loud noise such as fireworks or a thunder. Loves chasing tracks and is fascinated with any loud engine sound.
2. He is curious! Always next to us trying to figure out what we are doing. If Marty is on the ladder, he is right beneath it looking up. If Marty is fixing something, Bolt sticks his face exactly where tools are. If I am baking, he's curious what's that smell coming from the oven?
3. He loves children and older people! Actually, he loves everyone, but when he's near children, he drops down on the ground and demands petting from them. Some people are afraid of him because of his size (90 lbs), but we are telling them that he's a very loving creature. He loves my 84 year old mother, she pets him and he returns love with kisses :-)
4. He is very bossy and sometimes pushes around our female poodle Charlie. When he was younger, she didn't like him much, but they are much better now. She learned how to hide from him and sometimes can stand up for herself. Charlie is very passive and afraid of loud noises, so Bolt often calms her down.
5. He is very playful, full of energy and we think he has a sense of humor if that's possible in dogs.

Overall, he is one of the best dogs we've ever had!
He is the sweetest,smartest pup!We love him more than anything!
Thank you so much
Hi Loretta! This is A.Goodwin, my husband and I own Alexia and I wanted to send you some pics and let you know she is doing great and we love her! We renamed her Josie and she is so sweet, lovable, and full of energy! She is also a very funny pup and makes us laugh all the time. She loves to run around outside. She is always happy and loves to meet new people and play with other dogs. She also likes to hold our hands and lay by our feet. She weighed 36.8 pounds at 19 weeks. Below is a side by side frame, on the left is the first week we got her and on the right was taken last week at 20 weeks old. Thank you for such an amazing puppy! She has stolen our hearts!
Loretta just wanted to share this photo of "Abner" aka Murphy from this past weekend. He had a big job to do and did a stellar job!!
He's perfect! I tell he's been well loved because  He is so friendly with our girls already.
Major (Arrow) is doing great! He loves playing with everybody in the family and is doing very well with our older lab. He has grown a ton this past week! He is learning commands quickly and loves playing outside (even in all this rain). He also loves getting a bath, I think he's going to be a water dog! He fits perfect in our family!
One Happy boy and his new best friend!! Thanks so much for everything he's a doll!!
He knows how to sit for a treat already...he's super smart!  And sometimes sassy!! loves going to the baseball field, and playing with our son
                      S Emanuel
Hey. We call her Sofie. She seems to be doing great. She has socialized well and learns fast. Sofie is very curious and likes to be in the middle of everything. Occasionally she gets fiesty and her teeth are quite sharp. We and our entire family love her.
Hello from Central Pennsylvania, home of the dearest Bernedoodle ever, Brody.  Just an update on how things are progressing.  Brody is currently 11 weeks and is doing great.  He loves strangers and other dogs alike.  By the 10th week, he was mostly house trained.  He also sits, stays, lays down, shakes and is almost able to roll over though he stops half way so it may have to become a play-dead trick.  He’s been to his first puppy bath and a second bath with clipping which he didn’t mind one bit.  His transition to home was pretty easy. The first night, he cried for a few minutes but not since.  From all of us here as well his new admirers in the neighborhood, we wanted to thank the Yoder family for this blessing. Brian
This is Socks (formally Amy) She is the love of our lives! Socks is full of energy and is amazing with our smaller dog. She has been nothing but the best! Her temperament is perfect, and she is such a good learner! We CAN NOT wait to get another Bernedoodle from Tri State Bernedoodles!! We love her !
Febuary 2017
We wanted to update you on Cara's progress. We renamed her Murphy and she is settling in nicely. She is the sweetest thing and just loves our boys. Everyday she's learning new things and so far very little shedding.
Thanks for everything,

M and M Calamita
April 2017
March 2017
Hi, Loretta and Ed! Henry, formerly known as Abner, who was born October 2016 to Angie is doing so great! We love him. He's been a joy to train and is very smart and loving. We love how goofy and fun he is too - he really has the best personality and temperament. Everybody loves him and we always get tons of questions about him when we're out because he is just so darn cute. Henry is about 70 pounds now with maybe a little bit more growing still to come, but of course he still thinks he's a lap dog - and we don't mind! Thanks so much for everything!!
Amazing! Couldn't be happier. She's a super sweet girl.
I wanted to send you some pictures of our new puppy Luna.  She is four months old now and is growing well.  She is a sweet girl.  We are so happy that she is part of our family now!

We have had many dogs in the past but not one can compare to Leo (full name Leo Lover Blackbird). What an amazing dog! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have such a great dog in our lives.         July 6 2017
I figured I would check in and give you an update on Watson formally Ace from Angieís litter that was born in May.  He is a very playful, cuddly puppy! He is growing fast and is over 70 pounds now at 8 months old. He loves everyone that he meets. Everyone in our neighborhood is in love with him and his sweet personality. He is a very smart dog and picks up on commands and tricks very easily. He is also rather independent most of the time doing his own thing and ruling the house and neighborhood. He is the perfect addition to our family!    January 2018
January 2018                                                                                          Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I wanted to send you an updated photo of Rollie ( pronounced Raleigh-Adam from the May litter), as he has grown to be a beautiful sweet boy!

He has the sweetest temperament, loves rolling around in his toys, and canít get enough of playing with other dogs. He had sit, shake, and lay down mastered within 3 months; we couldnít believe how smart he is! He is always curious, and loves going out on the town to restaurants and local dog friendly places. Heís 8 months old now, hitting the scales at 52 pounds with giant paws that can stand on my shoulders.

Wishing you all the best, and thank you for bringing this fella into our lives.
January 2018                                          Just wanted to give you an update on Abba (Kallie). She is the best dog we have ever had. She's 30 pounds and just 4 months. We are so blessed to have her in our family Thank you so much for our bernedoodle.  We absolutely love her...                    
January 2018                                                               Oh my can I just say how much I love my Oreo, she's wonderful, stubborn at times wonderful baby girl.  I love her so much . She is loved n spoiled very much. She has learned many tricks, I've never loved a dog more.we have never loved a dog more. Everyone stops us n tells us how beautiful she is. Take pics of her etc.  I am so proud.Thank you for my blessing.This is her, camping with us. She is so smart.
January 2018                                   I thought you'd enjoy the latest picture of Amy. She's already about 35lb. She's such a good girl!
January 2018                                                                       We went on vacation in the Outer Banks North Carolina this week and Lexi joined us. She love the beach, but not the waves! After all that playing in the sand she had to get washed so she got groomed at Petsmart for her first time today! She got tons of attention from everyone in there wondering what breed she is.She is such a social, sweet dog. She's got a great disposition about her.
January 2018                                                            Good morning Loretta! Just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely loving our Tucker-- he is going to be a-year-old October 5. I think he was previously named Addison.
As the photo shows - one happy puppy. Melissa and I named him Yogi. The only people happier
than him is us. He is truly a blessing. Yogi is 12 weeks old and almost 35 lbs. You can tell by his
paws that he is going to have a body size to match. He has also claimed that chair as his own. We
cannot walk through town without everyone stopping us to ask what kind of dog he is,
commenting on how beautiful his eyes are, how soft he is, and of course, how big his paws are.
He is the kindest hearted, lovable puppy there is. He loves to be petted and hugged by all. There
are times when I watch him playing and even sleeping, and say to myself, there are no bad days.
Melissa and I cannot thank you and your family enough for bringing Yogi into our lives! We
love him. There will be more photos and updates to follow.
Hi Loretta.  Both puppies are doing well and are very healthy.  They play very nicely and are inseparable.  Here is a picture
Hello !
I have been meaning to write to you for a few months just to let you know how much we love our puppy from Sophia’s last litter just before this one. At two months old he looked JUST like Silas, the puppy from her current litter that is still available.  He is now eight months old and we call him BossBaby (our youngest son thinks his black and white coloring looks just like the suit BossBaby wears in the movie)or Boss for short but he was named  Sonny in Sophia’s litter, and he was also her last puppy to be sold, just like Silas!  Everyone is in awe of how mellow and easy he is is.  Such a good natured, sweet, and easy dog, absolutely loving and just wonderful. 
Feel free to share these pictures with your mailing list if you would like so they know what the puppy will look like full grown.  People stop us everywhere we go and ask us about him, he is so handsome and so chill.  I really can’t say enough about how easy he has been.  So many of our friends got puppies of other breeds (even other kinds of doodles) or from other breeders and they go through so much work and stress with their puppies, with things getting chewed, with trouble getting housebroken, with barking, and just out of control puppy stuff.  Boss has been coming along to kids sports practices and games and hanging out at my feet without a leash since we first brought him home.  It’s amazing. He was house trained in one day. He is just the easiest guy.  What a blessing.  We have four boys, I think God may just have known I was due an easy one!  We love him so much.
      Thanks again Tara

She is great. Wonderful temperament. Teeth are falling out, so she is mouthing everything. Been doing training with her and she is super smart and doing great. Love her. Love her. Love her. Will send pics.
Harlee (Sophia's litter) and Austin (Angie's last litter) are two fantastic dogs.  They get along very well and are inseparable.  They have been doing well with their training and love our two kids.  We could not imagine life without them.  We recommend TriStateBernedoodles without any hesitation.
Oh she is wonderful! She’s the most friendly dog I’ve ever seen. Everyone she meets from the vet to random strangers on the street love her. She’s still getting through her puppy phase but she has done very well with all her training and catches on very quick. She’s on the smaller size, the vet thinks she’ll be ~55 pounds which is the perfect size dog for me. Thanks for such a great dog!
Hi Loretta and Edward! We hope this message finds you well. This is Franklin, also known as "Skittles" from Sophia's last litter! He is a playful, sweet puppy who LOVES people! Everywhere we go people are always questioning where we got him. We are so grateful that we found your website and you made it so easy for us. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to these adorable puppies. He has forever changed our life and we love him unconditionally! Thanks again. Brianne and Bryant
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